2014 Festival - September 19 - 21
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Welcome to the 2013 Port Townsend Film Institute and Port Townsend Film Festival volunteer page. Last year over 300 volunteers helped with year round events and the Film Festival, logging in approximately 10,000 volunteer hours in total. Wow! The Film volFestival simply cannot happen without so many wonderful volunteers. But is it the right fit for your volunteer time? Yes, if you like to meet new people and work together toward a common goal during one of Port Townsend's great community events.

When you volunteer you are joining a diverse group of people brought together by their shared love of film and its potential to entertain, enlighten and maybe stir up some new thoughts. There are year round opportunities but most of you will do your intense volunteering during the Festival, a fantastic weekend celebration of independent film and filmmakers, known as the Port Townsend Film Festival. There are lots of opportunities available requiring different skills and commitment levels for that event, as well as year-round.

What are the volunteer opportunities?

Movie Venues: Would you like to be a theatre manager, assistant manager, crowd liaison, or usher at one of our six movie venues? Help manage lines, seat folks, answer questions and just generally make the festival run smoothly.

Hospitality, Registration and Concierge Services: v olLocated in the Cotton Building on Water Street and open all during the Festival, everyone attending the Festival, whether volunteer, pass holder or filmmaker, checks in here. Help manage the venue, hand out presold passes, check in volunteers, sell passes, greet our guests and introduce them to the PTFF while providing superior customer service. There are also information booths at two other locations that need volunteers who can answer questions about our town and the Festival.

Merchandise and Concessions: Help sell hats, t-shirts, jackets, posters candy, and other cool stuff in the Cotton Building. Or sell candy, etc. at the Peter Simpson Free Cinema (American Legion) and other locations.

volMagic Lantern and Area 51: Located on Taylor Street, the Magic Lantern serves wine and beer during the Festival weekend. Area 51, located in the Pope Marine Building serves mixed drinks and other beverages. You must be over 21 to volunteer in these venues.

Event Crew: Help set up for the festival and take down after, as well as other events. Work starts on Monday, September 16 and runs through Monday, September 23. You will need work gloves, a strong back, a sense of humor and, if you have a truck, even better. It is a good opportunity to work hard early and then enjoy movies.

Parties and More: Special events such as the Opening Ceremonies and Dinner in the Street, venues like the Filmmakers' Lounge, and parties, including the Filmmakers' Reception and Saturday night Awards event all need enthusiastic volunteers. Help with planning, set-up, serving, and break down. Or manage one of these events. There are also year round events; where help is needed. Do you like to work late nights? Make new friends? This could be for you.

volOffice: Answer phones, meet new people, and problem solve…all while having way more fun than you would expect in an office.

Transportation & Guest Services: Can you pick up filmmakers at the airport, drive to the ferry? Provide accommodations? Help manage transportation, hospitality and more. The goal is to make our guests feel more like family than visitors.

Data Entry/Computer skills: There are many opportunities for data entry, survey work and ballot tabulation. Assist the Volunteer Coordinator!

PTFF Tech Support: Calling all geeks! Do you have skills as a projectionist, sound technician? This could be a grand way for you to join the crew.

2013 Volunteer Rewards

First and foremost, you share in making PTFI a beloved part of our cultural landscape. Second, you will have fun and make new friends. But there is more.vol

Become a member of the PTFI for one year. All volunteers will earn a pass to see movies during the Festival (described below) and a Membership Card. The Membership Card will get you advance notice for special events, and discounts with Proud Partners like The Rose Theatre for First Tuesday Salon and Pane d' Amore for bakery bread purchases (card must be present). And, the best benefit of all is the year-round use of our unique film and book library.

Earn a pass to the Festival movies.

Only you can decide how many hours you have to give. But as an incentive you will earn a pass or more than one pass, depending on the hours you work.

Hours worked before and during the festival week will be combined toward your total. Volunteers who work more than 50 hours may donate those hours toward pass scholarships for students.

All new and returning volunteers must complete the Volunteer Form and you must attend one of the volunteer training sessions, held on Thursday evening, September 12 or Sunday afternoon, September 15. If you have any questions, please email volunteer@ptfilmfest.com or call Kendra Golden, Volunteer Manager at 360-379-6904. Thanks for all your support!